Small Business Services

Starting a small business can be difficult. You probably have many questions - like, should you incorporate as an LLC, a C-corp, or an S-Corp, or just file a Schedule C? Do you need to purchase healthcare, and hire a payroll service? What qualifies as a “small” business? What are the tax implications? What programs are available to help you get started?

There are many steps required of business owners, including: incorporating, licensing, regulations, human resources, drafting contracts and many others.

We want you and your small business to succeed. We can help you navigate this difficult process by providing with personalized one-on-one guidance and attention throughout the process of starting and running your business. Whether it be identifying resources, programs, loans or advisors; assisting with drafting contracts and internal policies; or creating a business plan, we want to be your go-to resource to start, strengthen, and grow your small business.